Common questions right now

  • I forgot my username and/or password. How do I retrieve my login information? Go to the Account Recovery page and enter your e-mail address.

Support Forum

We answer all questions relating to product support in our Support Forum Opens in new window. The support forum is open to all registered users. Additional forum sections are unlocked when a user purchases a Navigraph product or service.

Please take some time to setup your forum profile by adding a signature and an avatar photo. Also make sure to sign your posts with your real name. It promotes a friendlier environment.


We have devoted one section at the top of each topic in the Support Forum Opens in new window to frequently asked questions. Browse through this section first as it might save you the effort of posting your own question.

Account Support

The Support Forum is not a suitable place to ask for help regarding account and payment details since this type of information should be considered private to each user. Therefore we ask our users who have questions regarding payment transactions to contact our Account Support via We can handle emails written in English or Swedish. Your email will be acknowledged with an automatic response containing a ticket ID which represents your place in the support queue. We will answer your email as soon as we can. Your ticket ID ensures that we keep track of your request and will return to you as soon as one of our support staff is available.


For developer support, please go here.