Charts Features

Worldwide and current Jeppesen charts Worldwide and current Jeppesen charts
Navigraph Charts provide access to Jeppesen's worldwide and current electronic charts library, covering over 6,800 airports. In addition to airport charts, the enroute charts are rendered from Jeppesen navdata. Using Jeppesen as a provider for all data will ensure synchronized information between airport charts, enroute charts, addon data formats, and any other data displayed in Navigraph apps and software.

Instant Access Moving maps
Jeppesen charts are geo-referenced, which means that we can show your simulator aircraft position as an icon overlaying the charts in real-time. This feature significantly increases situational awareness in the air and on the ground, especially at crowded airports. All approach charts, airport diagrams, and enhanced SID and STAR charts support moving maps. To connect your Charts software to the simulator, install the Simlink client software on your simulator computer. In addition, the dynamic and interactive enroute charts fully support moving maps.

Night mode Night mode
All charts from Jeppesen come in two color schemes, the regular one with white background for day operations, and a dark one with black background, reducing the overall light emitted from the display, which is ideal for night (low ambient light) operations. The other visual elements in the charts, such as terrain, also have adapted dark scheme colors. Also the enroute charts have night mode color scheme. All Charts apps have a simple switch in the top right corner of the interface for swithing between Day and Night mode.

Flight management Flight organization
In all Charts apps you can easily create a flight, which documents your origin, destination and alternate airports and your planned route, including SID, STAR and approach. In this way, all information necessary for your flight is quickly accessible. From the flight panel, in the top center of the interface, it is easy to manage the flight (change routing, change SID, STAR, and approach), access charts, and get information about every segment of the route.

Route calculation Route calculation
A pilot can plan a flight between two airports and ask Navigraph Charts to calculate a route. Optimized for shortest distance the suggested route will use the closest transition points near the airports. The calculator supports NAT and FRA routing. The route calculator has been designed to be very easy to use and doesn't have very many settings. More features may be added as we receive user feedback.

SID/STAR overview SID/STAR overview
Once you have a route, you can visualize the departure procedures on the enroute map to see which SID that fits the selected runway and transition point. Similarly, at the arrival airport, you can visualize the arrival and approach procedures as brightly colored tracks into the airport in order to choose the best one.

Intelligent procedure selectors Intelligent procedure selectors
When selecting procedures, we have listed the most appropriate ones at the top, so that you don’t have to scroll to find the one that fits your runway and transition point.

Chart overlay Chart overlay
While selecting procedures you can also superposition a procedure chart on top of the enroute chart to better understand how it connects to your route. We find that especially when combined with the moving maps feature, pilots get an increased situational awareness as all relevant information is displayed in proximity to the ownship icon as it travels across the procedure chart.

SimBrief integration SimBrief integration
While Navigraph Charts can calculate a route, some of you may want to import your own routes. You can do this by copy pasting a text route string or by importing a PLN file, but the easiest and most flexible way is to enter your SimBrief username and let Navigraph Charts fetch the latest flight plan from SimBrief.

Chart pinboards Chart pinboards
When organizing your flight further you can pin a set of charts from an airport to the pinboard, a separate panel with thumbnails of charts you'll use. Just tap the pin icon, available both in the chart lists and on the chart overlay. The pinboard for the full flight (origin, destination, and alternates) is always visible, also in fullscreen mode, making the important charts for your flight readily accessible.

Interactive enroute charts Interactive enroute charts
The enroute charts are fully interactive. Tap any visible item, such as an airport, waypoint, navaid or airspace, and more info will popup. Right click or long tap on the chart to perform a geo-search; all items within a certain radius will be listed and selectable. You know what you are looking for but not where it is? Use the textual search, and see the search results visually highlighted on the chart.

Route visualization Route visualization
When adding a route to your flight (mentioned above), it will be highlighted on the enroute chart. Every fix (waypoint or navaid), segment (airway or direct), and procedure (SID, STAR and approach) can be shown and clickable for additional information such as waypoint coordinates, navaid frequencies, airway segment flight levels and distances. In addition, the moving map overlay (mentioned above) is drawn on top of the route, to show that you are following (or not!?) the planned route.

Dynamic enroute charts Dynamic enroute charts
The enroute charts employ a level-of-detail algortihm to reveal more detail with greater zoom. This automatic decluttering provides clarity and overview when zooming out, while providing additional when zooming in.

Although the aeronautical data used in these products originates from suppliers within the real world aviation industry, and may seem up to date and accurate, the data has also been downsampled, merged and interpolated. Furthermore, the data is only made available in formats non-standard to the aviation industry. Therefore, the data must never be used for real-world flight navigation. It is dangerous and may also be unlawful. Navigraph will assume no responsibility for consequences arising from improper use of the data. The data distributed by Navigraph is for non-professional computer simulated flight only.