FMS Data Coverage & Data

The Navigraph FMS Data is sourced from Jeppesen, a professional navdata provider for major airlines worldwide. Our database is therefore very large and comprehensive. It covers the entire world and is based on every standardized type of navigational data currently available.

Quantitative Metrics
The table below contains quantitative metrics compiled from cycle 1301. Please note that they may vary slightly from cycle to cycle.

IAPs24,254Instrument Approach Procedures
STARs21,597Standard Terminal Arrival Routes
SIDs31,686Standard Instrument Departures
Addons supported85 

Qualitative Properties
However, quantitative metrics do not tell the whole story. It is also worth mentioning that the Navigraph dataset has the following qualitative properties:

  • Contains threshold coordinates to parallel runways on a large number of VFR approaches
  • Maintained and supported by a dedicated team of specialists
  • Provided along with updated IFR charts through the Charts software